But wishing never helps, wishing never helps, wishing never solved a thing.
My university, and the situation I've found myself in, tought me one simple thing: there's nothing worse than fear of making mistakes.

Nothing ruins us, hurts us, and limits us better than that. This ugly, but powerful feeling controls our lives, thoughts, dreams and any beautiful beginnings.

Basically, it can stop the unstoppable.

Yet any mistake is an essential part of progress, because we make progress only when we do something new, something unknown. In fact, we live in a cave of our experience; everything in this cave satisfies us. We know every step, every corner, every little bit — otherwise we feel neither comfortable nor well. Only having thoroughly studied all the bits and steps and corners we can name the cave our home.

But once we step out of the cave there's always some danger. The light blinds us, and we don't know where to go. The surroundings don't seem safe. We'd rather go back and curl up under a blanket and swear to ourselves we never go out again. So we stay — stable, satisfied, happy with our cozy cave, that's so small and dark and yet usual.

We are afraid of fails, and mistakes, and dangers so much that we won't even give ourselves a try. We strangle our curiosity, else it's gonna hurt.

Yeah, I say, it is
but it doesn't matter.

There's nothing wrong in fails. You just tried to do something — having what you have — knowing what you know — and it didn't work smoothly. That's fine. You'll make use of it. Nothing was ever wrong when it comes to trying.
Remember that you always have another chance.
And when you use it, you gonna be cooler, and quicker, and hella smarter than you've been before.

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