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Urban dictionary time!

But wishing never helps, wishing never helps, wishing never solved a thing.
Напала на еще одно интересное выражение, содержащее столько значений, что аж не терпится законспектировать :-D

Half and half - 1. A service that is offered, and performed, by a prostitute. One half is oral sex, the other half is vaginal sex. That was a cheap trick, he gave me fifty for a half and half.

2. A culinary delight thought to originate from Cardiff. Involves having half rice and half chips with your Curry.
Cardiff Boyo: Aw I'll haves a chicken tikkia masala,like
Waiter: With rice?
Cardiff Boyo: Nah half and half innit
Waiter: Ok
Cardiff Boyo: Safe as fuck.

3. A drink usually consisting of lemonade and iced tea. Lemme get a chicken box with salt, pepper, and ketchup and a half and half.

4. A meaning for half high, half drunk. Man I was half and half last night.

5. A person who is of mixed race, biracial. Demetrius is half and half. Half black and half white.

6. A beverage made up of half cold beer and half warm urine served to the biggest asshole at a social event after he's bummed every one out. :lol: Dude, after that asshole started in with his superior attitude and kept bragging about the number of foreclosures he's done, Johnny fixed him up with a half and half.

7. Bisexual. My hairstylist isn't gay. He's half and half.

8. A dairy product used to dilute coffee. I didn't want 2%, I wanted half and half.

Еще там были слегка наркоманские варианты питья и курева "на половинку", но я, пожалуй, воздержусь от них. :hash2:

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Urban dictionary time!

But wishing never helps, wishing never helps, wishing never solved a thing.
Как я это делаю? Я иду на www.urbandictionary.com и жму на случайную статью. То, что показалось мне интересным, складываю в пост. Погнали!))

Morning glory - 1. an erection caused by testosterone levels being high in the body during the early hours of the morning. Rob always gets a morning glory. Также это может быть утренний секс с человеком, у которого возникло morning glory.
2. seeds containing the chemical LSA which when ingested in large amounts (over 150) can cause one to have a psychedelic experience similar to LSD. I tripped hard last night on morning glories.

Есть еще варианты с различными утренними розыгрышами и шутками, а также тот случай, когда твоё утро отвратительно ровно до той поры, пока ты не съешь сэндвич с беконом, яйцами, сыром и томатным соусом. Вот это morning glory мне по душе!
И всё же, употреблять считаю нужным и возможным только первые два значения, иначе это может вызвать недопонимание :-D Just look at it:

- Hi dude. Just had a morning glory.
- OMG Daria how could you
- B-but that sandwich was AWESOME :weep:
- Please go and get your private life somewhere away from me
- ???
- Thank you

- Hi dude. I've just had a morning glory.
- Wow. Share with me?
- :susp:

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